Marshall Lefferts - Guitar
Don Zbinden - Drums
Adam McLaughlin - Bass, Keys, Vocals

Spindrift, the Rush Tribute, is the collaborative effort of three lifetime Rush fans, each of us a dedicated follower of the original artist we represent in our act. The music of Rush is not only something we love to listen to and play, it is something that has driven us and motivated us in many aspects of our lives. Geddy, Alex & Neil, in our humble opinions, have an unparalleled talent to write, record and perform songs that truly speak to us in so many ways, spanning the spectrum of true-life experiences from birth to the present.

Our tribute show is somewhat self-serving, in that we enjoy this incredible music so much that it brings us great joy to perform it and attempt to duplicate it as realistically as possible. But we also hope to share the experience with others who appreciate the amazing legacy that Rush has built in their 35+ years as a progressive rock band. And hopefully we will also bring Rush's unique brand of musicianship to the attention of those who have perhaps not yet had the pleasure of experiencing the original band perform.

Our full show consists of 2 sets, 3 hours of Rush songs from many of their albums both old and new. We incorporate all of the elements that Rush uses onstage, which includes a variety of acoustic and electronic equipment, allowing us to be as authentic as possible in our show. It is challenging and complicated for us to pull it off (assuming we do!) but it is a joy to preform and very satisfying when we hit that "vibe" and it all comes together for those magical moments.

We hope you will come see our show on a live stage. Whether you are a dedicated Rush fan, a rock fan, or just into high-energy, thought-provoking music, we think you will have a good time celebrating the achievements of this unique band with us!