Spindrift has stepped out of the limelight, we are on hiatus and may reform in the future. Thanks to all you wonderful Rush fans who came to our shows in the last 10 years!

Spindrift, the Rush Tribute, is the collaborative effort of three lifetime R
ush fans, each of us a dedicated follower of the original artist we represent in our act, playing select music from all of Rush's numerous albums spanning over 35 years.

Our full show consists of 2 sets, 3 hours of Rush songs from many of their albums both old and new. We incorporate all of the elements that Rush uses onstage, which includes a variety of acoustic and electronic equipment, allowing us to be as authentic as possible in our show. We hope you will come see us as we bring our show out to a live stage. Whether you are a dedicated Rush fan or just into high-energy, thought-provoking music, we think you will have a good time celebrating the achievements of this unique band with us.
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